About me

About me

I was born in La Plata (Argentina) in 1977, and live in Malmö (Sweden) since 2013. Between 2011
and 2013 I lived in Brussels (Belgium). I'm a member of Danscentrum Syd and Nya Rörelsen
(Rörelsen-koreografer i Skåne). 

I define my work in three areas: Artistic realisation, pedagogic work, and management.


I have done ballet when I was a child, Contemporary Dance techniques and Improvisation since I was 12. After high school I had many options to study in La Plata, which is an University city, so I began at the same time Psychology and Contemporary Dance at La Plata Dance School in 1995. Even if Psychology and all the other subjects that its study included such as Anthropology and Philosophy were more than interested and nowadays still influences my artistic work, the experience of being and understanding the world through my body caused that I decided to continue with the dance career. Dance become the best way of processing my human being experiences, and the creative work the best way of expressing my inner world. All the years at dance school (1995-2002) were creative years, discovering, creating and connecting with people that today are still friends, collaborators, inspiration, and support. Under those years of school I have also trained with other teachers from Europe, making my own research, discovering the "new trends" in Contemporary Dance, being attracted especially those that use floor work (Flying Low), and improvisation as stage language (instant composition).

In 2002 when I finished school I started to learn Eutonia, which is a body awareness technique that
developing proprioception allows practitioners to be in contact with their bodies in a deeper, therapeutic, and healthy way, helping to recognise limitations and developing as well capacities.

During different moments of my dance education I assisted to tango classes in La Plata and Buenos Aires.

In 2006 i had my first education as a Pilates instructor and started to teach it since 2007.

From 2011 to 2013 I lived in Brussels and got and intensive training in contemporary dance, taking as well tango classes with high level Argentinean teachers.

In 2013 I moved to Malmö. There I assist at Daily training for professional dancers at Danscentrum Syd. The morning training is based mainly on ballet, contemporary dance in terms of technique and
improvisation, with local and international teachers. We also have chance of being part of exchanges
with dancers and choreographers traveling around doing their researches.

In Sweden have made the education as a Total Barre trainer (Stockholm Pilates Center).


I have experience as a dancer since 2000, creating my own pieces, working in collective creations and directed by others. I use three words to talk about those activities: Dancer, when I am dancing following other’s direction; Choreographer, when I choreograph and don’t dance my works; and performer, to talk about my work as a dancer combined with my choreographic work.

Along the years the creative work in Contemporary Dance become the best way of processing my
experiences and expressing my subjectivity as an artist. I canalise my desires, emotions, dreams,
philosophic questions in each creative process, that of course always seems to never ending. 

As a choreographer and performer, whenever it's moment to create a piece, in short or long process,
my goal is to find the movement vocabulary that this piece needs. I take different ways for creation. I
find useful to refer always to the basics and observe the use the space, time, energy and muscular
tonus, according to my way of understanding Laban's movement analysis. 

As a dancer and performer, in the last years become more necessary create a kind of character, going towards what some call physical teater or dance teater. That character plays sometimes with the "fourth wall" and sometimes generate a spontaneous interaction with the audience, as I do when I perform my dance-clown character "Sisi López".

When I dance tango I respect and use all its traditional components such as steps, figures, musicality, leader role and follower role, but I find interesting and challenging to perform it from my Contemporary Dance mindset, which means that even if I am dancing Tango as a social dance I don't repeat the already fixed codes without questioning what does it means or how it could be different. Until recently tango was only a social dance but since 2015 I am interested in using it to explore communicational aspects and as a inspiration for my creations.


To work individually and in collective I have experienced since my 20’. Throughout the years and as
soon as I started trying to develop my career as an independent artist I understood that if I wanted to
continue doing what I liked I needed to generate contexts to make it grow. I learned from teachers,
colleagues and friends from independent dance in Argentina that working in cooperation is a great key to access more opportunities. For that reason I take initiatives as organiser and coordinator in different activities that brings together other artists but also new audiences. In my stay in Brussels I become a voluntary to organise an artistic festival organised by the Argentine Embassy (Festival Puentes). I am working to generate in Malmö interdisciplinary experiences between dancers of different styles, musicians and other artists, to enrich our artistic work, having impulsed a training group for improvisation open to professionals and amateurs, and have worked in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines, such as theater and music to create different improvised and setted pieces, I organise projects to make the dance accessible to several audiences, that include young and old audiences. I am a member of the collective Nya Rörelsen koreografer i Skåne, with which I have being part of works that include vulnerable populations and youth. I have also my own company though which I run different activities connected to the pedagogic, artistic and management spheres.


Through the practice of the different movement techniques I had learned I have developed my
proprioception, being that the key to access the experience of the body in a subtle, life enriching, and more than pleasurable way. I have being always very motivated and curious about how to transmit not only shapes but also a deep body awareness, so even if each technique and dance style I teach has a specificity, all of them are traversed by a serious proprioceptive work, assuming in my work that the body is - the only - way of being in this world. 

Contemporary Dance: I started teaching even before I finished Dance School, to some of my sister's friends when I was 20 years old, and officially since 2003. I have taught regular classes for young, adults, and children, in private and public institutions, as well as workshops in Argentina and South America. In Sweden I have taught to children, young and adults in Malmö and Lund in places such as Medborgarskolan, Karavan, Malmö Dance Center, Drömmarnas Hus, and have worked in workshops for professionals at Danscentrum Syd.

Pilates: In 2006, I had my education as a Pilates instructor and started working in 2007. Throughout all those years of teaching I learned by observing the results in my students. Adding my own touch to the classes I found in Pilates a training that offers huge benefits to the practitioners. Basically the the body awareness, the strength of the core, the breathing and coordination are the points that I consider most important and effective focus on. 

Tango Argentino: I organise different activities in which I use tango as a technique, expressive
language,way of communication, and inspiration to the creation. I have taught tango at
Tangokompaniet with Tommy Leite, combining his tango experience with my knowledge on somatique techniques, in regular classes, and I have work in collaboration with Daniel Carlsson, Sony La, Anna Sol, and Tava Sieh in specific workshops combining also somatique tools with tango. 

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