About me

About me

I'm from La Plata, Argentina, and live in Malmö since 2013. 
I'm a member of Danscentrum Syd and Nya Rörelsen (Rörelsen-koreografer i Skåne). I teach Contemporary Dance since 2000 and Pilates since 2007. I have taught Dance and Pilates workshops in different institutions of Malmö and Lund such as Medborgarskolan, Karavan, Malmö Dance Center, Danscentrum Syd, Drömmarnas Hus. 

I dance Tango Argentino and I organise different activities in which I use tango as a technique, expressive language, way of communication, and inspiration to the creation.

My artistic interest:

I have experience as a dancer since 2000, creating my own pieces, working in collective creations, and directed by others.

Contemporary Dance means to me a way of processing my experience as a human being. In each creative process I confront my self with new aspects of my live and all my fears, desires, dreams, interrogants, becomes performances material. For that reason when I create a piece I aim to find its own movement vocabulary, exploring how to use the body, the space, the time, the energy. When I perform I find a kind character who relates to the audience in different ways each time, being more or less influenced by them, depending on which role the spectators occupies.

When I perform tango which is a specific dance style there is a code conformed by steps, figures, musicality and even some clishes related to the roles man and woman. The challenge is so to perform tango without losing my Contemporary Dance approach.

Dance is my passion and it's present in each day of my life. Along the years and as soon as I started to try to developed my career as a freelance artists I understood that to continue doing what I loved I needed to generate contexts to make it grow up. I learned from independent grupps from Argentina that the collaboration is the key to access to more opportunities. But in the last years I also understood that the opportunities many times have to be created also for us, the artists. For that reason I take initiatives as a organiser and coordinator of different activities.

I'm working to generate in Malmö crossdisciplinary experiences between dancers from different styles, musicians, and other scenic artists, to enriches our artistic work. I organised a training group for improvisation open to professional and amateurs. I do also works in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines such as teater and music. I organise projects to make dance accessible to diverse audiences.


After secondary school I had many options to study in La Plata, universities city.
I started at the same time Psychology an Contemporary Dance at La Escuela de Danzas in 1995. The discovering of Contemporary Dance made that I decided to continue just with dance.

All those years at that school (1995-2002) were creative years, discovering, creating and connecting with people that now days still are friends, collaborators, inspiration, support.

In 2002 I finished the school I continue learning other techniques as Eutonía.
During those years we hosted in Argentina guest teachers from Europe and then I started to discover the “new tendencies” in Contemporary Dance, specially those that uses floor work and have a physical theatre approach.

From 2011 to 2013 I lived in Brussels having an intensive training in Contemporary Dance.
Now days at Danscentrum Syd I have morning training based mostly in ballet, contemporary dance in terms of technique and improvisation, with local teachers and from abroad.


In 2006 I had my education as a Pilates instructor and started to work in 2007. Along all those years of teaching I learning by observing the results on my students. Adding my own touch to the classes I found in Pilates a training that give senourmes benefits to the practitioners, including myself. Bassicly the body awareness, the strength of he core, the use of the breathing, and the coordination are the points that I consider more important and effective. With advanced practitioners the fluidity, the memory, the challenge of changing dynamics gives another dimension to the experience.


During different moment of my life I had tango lessons, in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Brussels. Until not much time ago tango was just a social dance but since 2015 I'm interested in to use it to explore communicational aspects and as a tool for creativity.

Teaching Methodology:

I started to teach dance the some of my sister’s friends when I was 20. 
Through practising movement techniques I had the sensation of having a key to access the subtil body knowledge and I was very motivated and curious about how to transmit what at this moment was learning. 

After those first teaching experiences I continue learning methodologies at the last years of my dance school. Those were enriching moments of talking, exchanges, reflections with my colleagues.

Now days I don’t have a setted teaching methodology because I adapt that to my current interest. My perspective about the use and the connection with the body changes from one moment to other and I allow that it affects what I teach and also how I teach. I choose different things to observe each time and I propose to others to change also their perspective.

As I work to very diverse groups of people in terms of ages, environment, those circunstances influence me. I work with Contemporary Dance, Pilates and Tango. But what doesn’t change is my internal compromise of being present with the people that I work with. To meet others in a studio is for me an opportunity to enrich myself as a human being, putting away bad days, transforming tiredness in creative energy, for me and for the group. For that reason I love to teach.



Técnica Intérprete and Profesora en Danza Contemporánea (Technic-Performer, and Teacher of Contemporary Dance). 2002, Escuela de Danzas Clásicas de La Plata (Argentina). 

Subjects such as Contemporary Dance Technique (Graham, Cunningham, Flying Low, among others), Improvisation and Composition; general knowledge of arts such as Music, Literature, Visual arts, Dance History, among others; teaching methods (Psychology, Philosophical-Pedagogical-Didactic Perspective, Teaching Practice, among others). 

-Pilates Instructor. Magna Pilates. 2006, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

  • Creation in Contemporary Dance: Since 2002 I work in the creation and production of my own works. I did the solos:
Zona de Arribo. Granted by BIJ (Bureau International Jeunesse), with the support of the Argentinian Embassy in Belgium and Luxemburg, and Giró (Cartelera virtual de danza). Plattform (Malmö) 2014; The Black Box International Festival, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 2013; Festival PUENTES, Brussels (Belgium) 2013; II Encuentro Platense de Investigadoras/es en Danza y Performance, (La Plata (Argentina) 2011. Café Belg'Art, Brussels, (Belgium) 2011; Ciclo La Plata Arde, TACEC, La Plata (Argentina) 2011. 
Pálido furor (esta vez). Choreographic work created during the workshop of Composition, coordinated and mentored by Diana Szeinblum, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2005. Studio visning Danscentrum Syd (Malmö) 2014;  Hay vida en Diciembre, La Plata (Argentina), 2013. Loona Nights. Danse Hallerne, Copenhagen (Denmark) 2013 ; Danza en Espacio Compartido. El Sábato, Espacio Cultural, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2010; Muestra workshops. La Plata (Argentina), 2005; Festival Noches Merlinas, San Luis (Argentina).
Ensayo en PiezasDirector and dancer, Nidia M. B. Musicians on stage: Tano Gianluca Parisi, Andrés Felli. Festival Nuevas Tendencias 2004, October 2004 (La Plata, Arg). 
Cinco Ensayos. Centro Cultural Recoleta. 2003 (Bs As, Arg). Director and dancer: Nidia M. B. Musicians on stage: Marcelo Janik, Walter Krywyj. 
  •  Dancer in Contemporary Dance:
Summer of Love. Directed by Khamlane Halsackda. Malmöfestivalen, 2015 (Malmö).
Occult Geometry: Interdisciplinary work between visual art and dance. Choreographer: Marjolein Vogels. Visual artist: Jennifer Tee Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhaguen (Demnark, 2014).
Woza Nami, directed by Melody Putu. Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden 2014).
Demiurgo, directed by Agostina D'AlessandroIt was presented in Espacio LEM (Buenos Aires2012), and Festival Puentes (Brussels, 2013).
May 2012, I was invited to dance with SoloConversations Dance Collective at the Festival des Arts Forains (Namur, Belgium).
Pálido furor (esta vez). In 2005 I was part of the workshop Improvisation and Composition in Contemporary dance, directed by Diana Szeinblum (Buenos Aires, Argentina). The result of it was a serie of solos, presented under the title 
Alguien Próximo (2008), (Director: Lucas Condró)
Bajo la Luna de Egipto (2007), (Director: Pablo Rotemberg)
Había una vez y otra vez (2005), (workshop of Composition mentoring by Diana Szeinblum), 
Cromaxis (2004), (Director: Silvina Duna)
Amenme (2002), (Director: Ariel Martínez)
Mi más sentido pésame (2002), (Director: Marta Lantermo), 
Vistas I+II (2006), (Director: Florencia Olivieri)
Taller Coreográfico del Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas (1999, 2000)No me Alegra (María José Goldin), Alto Contraste(Susana Szperling)Boquita Partida (Mey Ling Bisogno), Si te es Posible dedícalo a mí (Valeria Kovaldoff), Temblores de Fé (Silvia Pritz), Juego, Ensayo, Error (Andrea Servera). Danza Seca(1998), (Director: Alejandra Ceriani).
  • Collective creations, contemporary dance: Since 1995 I have working in collective creations.
Lycka! Granted by Malmö Stad. Work in progess. In collaboration with Rumiko Otsuka. Plattform, Danstationen, 2016. 
Tangibel. In collaboration with Jonna Tideman. Premiére at Lilla Beddinge teater opening, 2016.
Danza en Espacios Dance Collective. Ciclo Itinerante de Danza. Granted by Prodanza. Creations: Hacia las cosas mismas, Hacia las cosas mismas, zona 2. Argentina, 2010.


Tango performances and Contemporary Dance pieces inspired in tango:

Grupp performanceVinterlund dansfest. In collaboration with Tangokompaniet.
Dancers: Tommy Leite (Swe), Anna Sol (Swe), Daniel Carlsson (Swe), Sonny La (Swe), Cecilia Warfvinge (Swe). Mejeriet. Lund, Sweden. February 2017.
Duett. Festival Latino. Dancers: Tommy Leite (Swe), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).
Folkets park. Malmö, Sweden. July 2016. 
Tangibel. Creation/dance: Jonna Tideman (Swe), Nidia Martínez Barbiri (Arg). 
Opening Lilla Beddinge Teater, Sweden. June 2016. 
Tango på skolan. Spanska i Rörelse. Dansuppträdande och dansworkshop på Spanska.
I samarbete med Cipriano Calónico (Arg-Sve) och Tommy Leite (Sve). S:t Petri skola. Malmö (Skåne, Sweden). December 2015. Music: Cipriano Calónico. Dancers-teachers: Tommy José Cristian Leite (Swe), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).
Tango på skolan. Spanska i Rörelse. Dansuppträdande. Sundsgymnasiet, Vellinge (Skåne, Sweden).
Music: Cipriano Calónico (Ar-Swe). Dancers: Koki Cortez Lacherre (Pe), Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Arg).  September 2015. 
Tango, kropp och strängar (work in progress). Studio visning, Danscentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden).
Performance and choreography: Nidia Matínez Barbieri. August 2015.

Dancer in films:
Karaoke. Director: Laurent d'Ursel. 2013. Premiere: Venice 2015
El nido vacío.Choreographer: Manuel Attuel. Director: Daniel Burman. 2007
5 (CINCO) Director: Jonathan Perel. Selección Oficial de Cortos, BAFICI 08 (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente). 2007
Short film for Aguas Argentinas. Choreographer: Andrea Servera. 2000

Gallinácea. Choreographic assistanceDirection Guillermina Andrade (theatre Grupo Topográfico, work in progress). Argentina, 2011.
Paraguas y Relojes. 
Choreographic assistanceGrupo TopográficoENTEPOLA 2010  (Argentina). 2010

Ñok. Technique assistance. Direction Pepe Márquez, ENTEPOLA 2010 (Encuentro de Teatro Popular, Jujuy and Salta, Argentina). 2010


    2016- Modern Dans, technique and improvisation. Dansstudio n 1 (Limhamn, Malmö)
    2015- Dans (7-13 years old). 2015, Drömmarnashus, (Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden).
    2016- Modern Dans, technique and improvisation. Dansstudio n 1 (Limhamn, Malmö)
    2006- Taller de danza contemporánea y folklórica (contemporary and folkloric dance). Programa Colonias de Verano, (Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
    2015- Dans (14+). Drömmarnashus, (Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden).
    2015- Dans (14+). Drömmarnashus, (Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden).
    2015- Modern Dans. Karavan (Malmö, Sweden).
    2014- Contemporary Dance based on Flying Low technique and Repertoire of the piece Zona de Arribo. Malmö Danscenter, (Malmö).
    2014- Contemporary Dance with elements of Flying Low, for professional dancers (Danscentrum Syd).
    2013- Taller de experimentación en danza. Zonas: entre conceptos e incorporaciones (La Plata).
    2010- Improvisación y Composición en Danza Contemporánea (Improvisation and Composition in Contemporary Dance). III Encuentro Experimental de Tango. (Esquel, Argentina).
    2005- Improvisación y Técnica de Danza. Festival Noches Merlinas, (San Luis, Argentina). 
    Regular Classes:
    2014-2015- Modern dans. Medborgarskolan, Lund, Sweden.
    2007- Juegos Expresivos para niños (2-6 years old) ECUMAC Educative Project (City Bell, Argentina).
    Currently, from 2014: Modern dans, nybörjare. Medborgarskolan, Lund (Sweden).
    2005-2011- Danza Contemporánea, Escuela de danzas de La Plata (Argentina).
    Currently- Samtida dans med levande musik. Danscentrum Syd (Malmö).
    2015- Samtida dans. Danscentrum Syd (Malmö).
    2014- Experimentation in Contemporary Dance: Training+creation+performance (Danscentrum Syd).
    - Modern dans, nybörjare. Medborgarskolan (Lund and Malmö).
    2013- Contemporary Dance with elements of Flying Low. Danscentrum Syd (Malmö).
    2000-2011- Danza Contemporánea (Contemporary Dance), (La Plata and Buenos Aires).


    Currently, since 2014- Pilates Matwork 1. Studio frid (Malmö), Medborarskolan (Malmö, Lund).
    Sinnce 2016- Pilates barre. Studio frid (Malmö).
    Since 2015- Pilates en español. Danscentrum Syd (Malmö).
    2007-2009Pilates Reformer. Magna Estudio. Substitutions in  Alto Impacto Gym ( La Plata); Gym Corpo (Villa Bosch)/ Gym Megatlon; 2007: Gym Show (Buenos Aires); Cabello (City Bell); Las Rocas (Tolosa). (Argentina).


    2017- Experimental workshop. Dans i mörket. Tango Move!. Musicians: Julián Gozález, Ana Vocaturo, JOhannes Nestesjö. Underverket (Malmö).
    2016- Experimental workshop. En heldag med tango. Musicians: Orquesta de Señoritas (Rosario, Argentina). Folkets Bar (Malmö).
    - Kontaktträning för tangoutövare. Darkside Milonga (Göteborg, Sweden).
    - Spanska i Rörelse. Sainkt Petri Skola, (Malmö, Sweden).
    2015- Dance improvisation, series of free workshops + dance jams. Brändan, Aug-Sept. Folkets Park (Malmö).
    Regular Classes:
    2016- Tango Nybörjare. Tommy Leite-Nidia M. B. Tangokompaniet (Malmö).
    - Kontaktträning för tangoutövare. Danscentrum Syd (Malmö).


    2012- Movimiento Consciente. Salle Bleue (Brussels, Belgium).
    2011- Entrenamiento Consciente (Body Awareness). Encuentro Latinoamericano de Teatro Popular, (Jujuy, Argentina).
    2005-2010- Entrenamiento I. Escuela de danzas de La Plata (Argentina).
    2005- Técnica del Movimiento, para estudiantes de Teatro (Movement technique for actor students), Escuela de Teatro de La Plata (Argentina).


    - Cultural events coordination: Fiesta 25 de Mayo (May 2012), Festival Puentes (May 2013). Argentinian Embassy in Belgium and Luxemburg. (Brussels, Belgium).
    - Cultural and educative events, arrangement and coordination: TANGO MOVE!, in collaboration with Tangokompaniet. Underverket (Malmö), Dec 2016; DANCE IMPROVISATION, series of free workshops + dance jams. Brändan, Folkets Park (Malmö), Aug-Sept 2015; EN HELDAG MED TANGO. In collaboration with Tangokompaniet. Folkets Bar (Malmö), Juni 2016.


    From 1994 until 2011 I trained with dancers from La Plata and Buenos Aires (Technique, Improvisation, Composition, Contact Improvisation) such as Fernanda Tapattá, Ines Rampoldi, Eugenia Estévez and Diana Szeimblum.
    I participated in workshops of Contemporary Dance with Gustavo Lesgart, Ana Garat, Miguel Robles, Gabriela Entin, as well as with teachers from abroad such as Alexis Euperrie, Ray Chung, and Phillip Beamish.
    In 2002 I started learning Eutony. In 2006 I studied the first year at the Escuela Argentina de Eutonía (Argentinian School of Eutony).
    Dance Theatre with Laura Valencia in 2000 (La Plata, Argentina), and Clown with Dario Levin in 2010 (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
    Arabic Dance with Florencia Lima, 2002 (La Plata, Argentina).
    Danscentrum Syd (Morning training for professional dancers). Ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation. Since 2013.
    Dansstationen: Lee Smikle (United Kingdom),Workshop/residency related to his work with Shoderitch Youth Dance (2013).
    Emelie Bardon Dance and Yoga Studio: Ady Elzam (Israel) Contact Improvisation, workshop (2013).
    Training for professional dancers: Cruz Isael Mata. Flying low(Danscentrumjette); David Zambrano, Flying low (Danscentrumjette); Anton Lashky (Slovakia) Technique and Improvisation (Danscentrumjette, Summer Studios P.A.R.T.S); Dominique Duszyniski. Technique (Danscentrumjette); Susanne Bentley (Hybrid Studio, La Reffinerie); Thi-Mai Nguyen (Danscentrumjette); Ursula Robb, Technique (Summer Studi.os, P.A.R.T.S); Clinton Stringer. Repertoire of the piece Drumming by Anne Therese de keersmaeker (Rosas), (Summer Studios, P.A.R.T.S). Brussels, Belgium.
    • Artistic residencies:
    Residency and showing: "Demiurgo. Laboratorio / Representación sobre el Cuerpo" Coordinated by Agostina D'AlessandroResidencias en Espacio LEM. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2012. 
    Laboratorio itinerante"El Cuerpo Próximo", coordinated by Olga Mesa. Festival Danza al BordeValparaiso (Chile). 2009.

    Workshop and showing: "Improvisation and Composition"coordinated by Maria Ines Villasmil(Netherlands). Festival Montevideo Sitiada / Red Ciudades que Danzan. Montevideo (Uruguay). 2003.
    • Training in tango:
    Mallorca tango festival: Workshops with Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, and Sebastián Achával and Roxana Suárez.
    DNI. Thematic workshops with teachers team. January 2016, 2009. Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    Pasaje Dardo Rocha. Workshops in 2000, 2008.
    Escuela Argentina de Tango. Workshops 2008 Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    Escuela de danzas clásicas de La Plata. Course with Andrea Castelli. 2001 (Argentina).


    Live model:

    - Grand Studio. Experimental group of visual artist. 2012 (Bru, Bel)
    - Eduardo Silverstein. 2010-2011 (Bs As).


    - Swedish: SFI (Swedish for inmigrants), Folkuniversitetet 2014 (Malmö, Sweden). Svenska som andra språk X, Y, Z. Södervarn 2014-2015 (Malmö, Sweden).  
    - English. Elemental level. Cours communaux de langues modernes (Bru, Bel). 2013
    - French. Elemental level. Cours communaux de langues modernes (Bru, Bel). 2013

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