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Interdisciplinary project, dance and film.
Script, dansare: Victoria de Heras Chiechomska.
Producer, director: Gabriella Cederström.
Photographer: Marie Thorin.
Musician, composer: Mattias Hansson.
Choreographer: Nidia Martínez Barbieri.
This project got support from Boost HGB, Film i Skåne, Filmcentrum Syd.

Gruppträning för improvisation: 

This is an open group in which can participate every perosn who have interest in improvisation. It includes professional and amateur dancers/performers and artists from different disciplines.
In particular we are going to explore improvisation tools that are useful to work on instant composition.
- Roles: you can participate as a PERFORMER and/or as a LEADER.
Leader: each meeting there is a leader that organizes the activities of the day. It can includes a warm up and some tasks to explore. This role can be shared between more than one person. To be a leader is neccesary to participate at least once as a performer in a previous sesion. The person who wants to lead has to take contact with the organization (please, write in this facebook wall or in a message).
Performers: they participate as performers or as audience. You can go without announcing it BUT IT'S BETTER IF YOU CONFIRM BEFORE YOUR PARTICIPATION.
- When and where? Each two weeks at Danscentrum Syd (Bergsgatan 29, Malmö). First meeting 2015: 20th February at 11:30-13h.
- Cost? the cost of the studio (one and a half hour: 75kr) is divided between all the participants (leaders and performers/audience) each time. PLEASE BRING CHANGE to facilitate the payment.
- Communication? through the facebook group: Improvisation: gruppträning, Malmö.
Or mailing to: nidiainfo@yahoo.com

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